Yong Look Lam


Conceptual Realist Expressionist Minimalist
Conceptual Realist Expressionist Minimalist

Yong Look Lam is a well-established fine artist from Malaysia. He was born in 1962, Klang. He showed interest in watercolour at a young age and studied at the Kuala Lumpur college of art. His works outline the relationship between people and nature. Yong’s watercolour techniques are one of the most remarkable around. It’s almost real in many ways and nearly photographic from any angle. His works are drawn through his experiences in travelling and observing the architectural wonders of towns and cities. Due to his close interpretations of culture and the village community, he is known as the ‘Kampong Boy’ of the art scene. Yong Look Lam is actively involved within the art scene. He was the Second Prize winner in 1984 at the Malaysian Landscape art competition, organized by the National Art Gallery. He was also the recipient of the Malaysian Watercolour Society Award in 1987, as well as the Pemandangan Malaysia Award in 1994. One of his most recent solo shows, ‘Ashore’, was held at the Pinkguy Gallery and depicted the life and culture of the fishing village. An earlier solo show titled the “Fascinating but Vanishing – A Watercolour Painting Exhibition” was held in Penang. He is one of the founding members of the Malaysian Watercolour Organization where he has been involved in numerous exhibitions around the world.  

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Artwork by Yong Look Lam