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Yanna Kali



Yanna Kali was born in Athens in 1981. She graduated from the Fine Arts School at A.U.TH. with excellent grades. She has participated in many group shows, she has held one solo exhibition and she has many awards and publications. Many of her works belong to private collections.

Artist statement: 'The conception of the artwork is informed by the feeling of life and this sensation is captured in two ways. One concern thinking and the other experience.

The result of the art piece is in a dimension where experience and thought are intertwined with the progress of the creation. The basic concept has to do with depressed psychological spaces of our existence, set in contemporary time. The artist uses graphite and coloured pencils to create a three-dimensional illusion, through the drawing process. The viewer becomes an active element; as a voyeur, by moving close to the painting so he can discover the different layers. Thus, clarifying the artwork with this movement so creating a complete work. Although the subject has to do with depression the result of the painting is optimistic.

At the art pieces which are made with pencils and graphite, there is no use of an eraser. The result of the textures is becoming from the procedure of drawing with the use of different kinds of pencils.'


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