William Sim


Realist Surrealist Illustrative
Realist Surrealist Illustrative

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts graduate William Sim is a partner at a visual arts studio. William has showcased his paintings in various group and solo exhibitions, mostly in Singapore, where he exhibits an extraordinarily popular annual solo show, and countries like South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Viewing a William Sim composition is like entering an alternate, wondrous universe, inventive and complex in its design, yet so winning in its whimsicality. The natural world appears driven by mechanical cogs and gears, while ostensibly manmade constructs such as dwellings and dirigibles adopt improbable biomorphic dispositions. We see a propeller animating a dragonfly, while a dynamo might power a flower - William’s machines might belong more to the industrial rather than digital revolution. Upending the laws of scale and gravity, outsize sea creatures might serve as the abode for an appropriately miniature inhabitant to potter around in, while elaborate whirling mechanisms keep whole bungalows and apartments afloat. His visual ingenuity manages his segues from the biological to the technological most adroitly.

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