Wilfred Lang

United Kingdom

Wilfred Lang was born into an artistic family in 1954 and began to paint at the age of seven. Between 1972 and 1976 he attended the Shanghai Art School. During this period, he went to China’s Five Great Mountains to develop his nature drawing skills. A year after leaving art school in 1977, Wilfred emigrated to Hawaii. It was there he was inspired to do his modern abstract work.  In 1981 he spent two years living in Europe. He has earned several awards for his art. He spends time in Amsterdam and Barcelona where his art is displayed and sold in major city centre galleries.  Wilfred’s work contains elements of both Eastern and Western culture. Currently, he divides his time between America, Europe and Hong Kong. He paints in acrylics using clever colour coordinating and colour integration techniques to create three-dimensional effects.      

Galleries Showing Wilfred Lang’s Work

Artwork by Wilfred Lang