Virginie Schroeder


Abstract Pop Art
Abstract Pop Art

Virginie Schroeder began her career as an artist in 2009 after moving to Canada. At the beginning of Schroeder’s career, her style leaned toward pop art. She then developed her own personal style which draws inspiration from abstraction, for which she is now known. Schroeder’s work begins with a realistic sketch which is then deconstructed to her signature striations. Working meticulously, she then applies layer upon layer of acrylic and oil paint with a syringe. She then reworks each line with a knife to create precise lines. Depth is created by the variation of colour and finish. An expert in both colour and composition, Virginie Schroeder creates paintings that are both abstract and photorealistic, which also being surprisingly playful. Her work has been exhibited internationally in Canada, France, and the United States.

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Artwork by Virginie Schroeder