Viktor Kucheryavyy

United Kingdom

Viktor Kucheryavyy is a Ukrainian self-taught painter. Viktor is inspired by the power of light and the way in which illuminate the essential, and the water and its ability to mirror and reflect. He relishes in the challenge of making his pieces look as realistic as possible. His practice developed rather spontaneously, One December morning 10 years ago, Viktor was walking by an art supplies store and felt the urge to go in. He bought his first canvas and paints then and there. At that point of time, he was a family man and a fairly successful businessman with no art training whatsoever. Viktor states "I have always been fascinated by the beauty of nature and the miracle of life, which drew me to painting landscapes and portraits." His artworks can be found in private collections across not just Ukraine, but also France, Germany, Poland, Turkey, China, Russia and the US.

Galleries Showing Viktor Kucheryavyy’s Work

Artwork by Viktor Kucheryavyy