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Victoria Orr Ewing



Born in Scotland in 1962, Victoria Orr Ewing follows a long line and tradition of Scottish landscape painters. Having travelled widely and settled for some time in Spain, she captures the core and essence of her visual environment with a minimal, evocative and yet detailed style.

In the artist’s words:
"I have been drawn to the wilderness, to landscapes with few or no signs of human presence. The landscape in parts of Scotland, especially in winter, has the most extraordinary and beautiful colours and shapes: the bright bronze of dying bracken, ochre grasses and orange seaweeds against black rocks and purple heather. Lit by a low sun from beneath a dark sky, these colours seem to glow with incredible richness. Rolling green fields have never much inspired me.

My latest work is a response to the light and colours of Scotland in winter. The sun slanting through a stormy sky touching the land with bright greens, coppers and golds. They are done largely from memory and are a celebration of the incredible beauty of Scotland. A small remote house against the large sky suggests to me our ephemeral nature and vulnerability in the face of the vastness of nature.”

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