Vero Ini



Vero Ini was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1983. Ever since she was a little girl, she has maintained a deep bond with color: she lives and carries it with her naturally. Her academic studies cover a wide range, from Advertising (specialized in Creativity and Art Direction), Graphic Design, Psychology and Communication Media. Ini has taken courses and seminars of art, painting, sculpture, drawing, mosaic art, creativity, scriptwriting, writing, singing and drama. The built of her career has a profound background of moving and evolving creativity. She has worked as an Advertising Creative in well-known agencies both in Argentina and Mexico, in companies and as a freelancer. Being the owner of an inner world full of nooks, her brushes are automatic, controlled, unconscious… but very well thought, selecting only a positive, happy, cheerful and hopeful view of the world. She’s intrigued by the contemporary context in which human beings exist, act, interact and get around. “I invite the audience to get carried away, until they’re able to feel and reflect on a natural and honest get together with the work. I imagine and almost pretend a similar feeling to that evoked by a happy tune, it’s magical ability to affect and influence a better mood.” Vero Ini has a young spirit decanted into her way of painting, either in the loose, spontaneous and gestural brushstrokes and shapes, backgrounds and colors she chooses. The artist brings years of working in advertising agencies as advertising creative, editor and art director. Certainly a shocking, direct and striking communication style that defines her and can be seen in the particular and characteristic mark of her work. Confesses feeling part of a whole, where each of those who conform it creates its own universe to shape and move through their destiny. Ini believes so and chooses to express only by positive emotions through painting. Proposes an active viewer to complete the work not from the rational understanding, but rather go a step further and dare to feel. She currently paints and exhibits her work in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Miami and Hong Kong

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