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Vanessa Wong



Vanessa Wong is a contemporary artist who currently lives and works in Hong Kong. Her work is well known for exploring our human desirer for consumable goods. In 2004 Venessa earned a Diploma in Commercial Design from the Chingying Institute of Visual Art and went on to graduate With a BA in Painting from RMIT in 2012. In 2000 Venessa was the First Runner Up in Hong Kong Youth Painting Competition. She works mostly in watercolours and oil paintings.

Venessa Wong has exhibited her works widely through Asia including a group show Back to the Future, organized by the Cat Street Gallery in 2016. She is interested in expressing her messages and concerns of modern-day life through her series such as Entity which showcases human organs being juxtaposed with objects of interest for the artist, like fast food, fashionable items, adds, even perfumes and mechanical parts. Her pieces have a certain level of seduction and oddness, which makes them appealing to the viewers. Her work is an ongoing process which integrates the elements of popular culture and the all-powerful human desires in the contemporary world.

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