Valentina Biasetti

United Kingdom

Valentina Biasetti was born in Parma, Italy in 1979. She attended the Paolo Toschi Institute of Art in Parma, graduating in Advertising Graphics. After graduating Valentina’s passion for drawing led her to develop her artistic career. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna with a final 110 cum laude in the School of Painting. The figures that Valentina draws on paper move in the solitude of empty space, relating only to the colour, the pictorial gesture or the geometric constructions. In 2017, Valentina wone "WE ART OPEN" Treviso for the Basament Project Room special prize. Here work has been exhibited widely through Italy, some of her notable exhibitions include: “PINK MOON” solo show, Galleria Lacerba, Ferrara (2016), “L’Orbe Illusorio” solo show, The Queendom art Gallery, Treviso (2018) and “Arteam Cup2019 “ Villa Nobel, Sanremo.

Galleries Showing Valentina Biasetti’s Work

Artwork by Valentina Biasetti