Tushar Sabale

United Kingdom

Classic Impressionist
Classic Impressionist

Tushar Sabale is an award-winning, Indian born, British artist who paints en plein air as well as in his studio. Tushar previously worked as a Creative Designer, designing watches for multinational brands like Timex and Reebok. His experience also includes designing pieces for Hollywood movies like Maleficent, Snow White and Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, while as a designer for a high-end jewellery brand in London. Tushar's paintings range from landscape, Still-life objects, architectural structures as well as portraits and figurines. The artist loves to capture light in his paintings and positions his work between realism and contemporary impressionism with the touches of luminicsm. Tushar says of his works: I attempt to allow the viewer to see the essence of the subject in my paintings, while still providing imaginative interpretation. Tushar likes to experiment in his paintings and uses his knowledge of architecture and design to create visual effects that beckon for contemplation. He works in meticulous detail and executes with extraordinary technical skill on his subjects to transform them from the familiar to the fantastic

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