Trevor Banthorpe

United Kingdom

Trevor Banthorpe lives and works in Lonon. His work is rooted in the convention of the amateur ‘holiday snap’, Trevor’s prints are a celebration of the ordinary. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Tetsuya Noda, and Christiane Baumgartner, his work unites his interest in technology with a love of the ancient art of the woodblock print. All of Trevor’s woodblock prints start as a photograph taken on his mobile phone; the disposable nature of these images is central to his practice, for they are a mundane account of his encounters with the world around him. By uniting that which is available in an instant with the time-consuming labour intensive process of the woodblock print, Trevor attempts to redress the imbalance of legacy and convenience that is inherent in today’s digital culture. His prints are a tangible record of his encounters with the world as he finds it, offering space for thought and contemplation in the world of instant gratification.