Toni Cogdell

United Kingdom

Toni Cogdell is a figurative painter born in Bristol, England, in 1979. She graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art in 2002, launching straight into her own studio practise thereafter. She is an exciting British artist who has widely exhibited her work across the UK. Cogdell works mainly in oil, on canvas or linen. She paints portraits of unsaid moments and unseen thoughts, the poetry which resides in daily life and in transitory moments. The figures in her paintings stand in ambiguous and intriguing settings. Each piece is painted with a carefully balanced palette and distinctive, contemplative composition. Her intertest in the human condition is evident in her artwork. Cogdell explores the tensions between the lives we lead and the lives we feel, our outer and inner worlds and the spaces between the parts.

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Artwork by Toni Cogdell