Tommy Fiendish

United Kingdom

Tommy Fiendish is a London-based artist who now focuses on painting. He also translates his ideas into street art, illustration, animation, typography and also tattoos where he has worked in studios around the world, his work has also been published in various books and magazines under his pseudonym. His unique style developed while studying BA Illustration and Visual Media at LCC. He graduated with first-class houses in 2018. Tommy also uses his creative techniques as a tattoo artist and has had many of his paintings published in a selection of books and tattoo magazines. Tommy states he is 'having a full-blown affair with the weightier side of life, painting images you feel as well as a view. Images born from self-expression, social commentary and investigative research are what keep me evolving, I have recently been bringing characters to life with animation.' Tommy recently participated in Upfest- Bristol street art festival and Cheltenham Paint Fest - Cheltenham street art festival.

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Artwork by Tommy Fiendish