Thijmen van Kooij



Thijmen van Kooij (born May 11, 1969, Netherlands), is a Dutch painter, fascinated by the night and those places illuminated by mankind. His subject is the contemporary nightlandscape; layered oil paintings of man-made light in contrast with the colours of the dark. On his travels he has been collecting nightscapes from Tokyo to New York and recently much closer to home, when the world came to a standstill. This has resulted in the serie ‘Home’, where he explores his direct neighbourhood. Thijmen van Kooij has been educated at the Amsterdam Instituut voor de Schilderkunst, where he also met Siert Dallinga, who gave him lessons back then. Meanwhile, they have been working together for many years in a ‘masters–apprentice’ connection, which resulted in a joined exhibition in Galerie Hoogenbosch.

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Amsterdam: 27 - 31 October 2021
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