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Theo Theophanous



Theo Theophanous is a British artist who has been affected by the UK housing crisis, gentrification and displacement. He has chosen to Self-Exile himself abroad as he explores the idea of what home means to him. Living internationally he is able to visit many countries in an attempt to capture a visual response, whether with colour, cultural aesthetics or by subverting found images. Experiencing traditions and customs which are so far removed from his own is a fascinating journey and he attempts to represent glimpses of this in his work in the form of embellished photomontages.

“I hope that by experiencing my work, the viewer will contemplate their own geographical existence and their surrounding cultural influences”.

Theo studied Creative Software at college (1998) and Fine Art at university (2000). The variety of skills he has learned has aided him to be versatile in his approach to making art. He has been teaching art theory and practice for over 10 years and is currently studying an MA in History of Art.

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