Teresa Pemberton

United Kingdom

Teresa gained a BA degree in Painting in 1996 and has since worked full time as an artist, exhibiting in galleries nationally and internationally. Teresa’s work is clearly influenced by nature; living in Cornwall and visiting the coast paths and moorlands has filled her sketchbooks with drawings. The visual language used reflects the constant connection with the elements through daily walks. From initial response to a subject, after observational drawing, the imagination takes over and instinct and intuition produce compelling canvases which in the end are as much about the paint on the surface as about the place that inspired them. Recent work has also been concerned with Bronze Age discoveries on Dartmoor. A solo exhibition, 'Painting the Earth with Granite and Amber', showed paintings, "assemblages" and collages as a response to the grave of a young girl excavated only a few years ago, along with her artefacts of beads, belts, baskets and her bones. Artist's statement: "I think of my work as poetic and sensual, the creating of paintings being visual conversations"

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Artwork by Teresa Pemberton