Tanja Hirschfeld

United Kingdom

In her work, the German-Italian artist, Tanja Hirschfield, uses masks and costumes from various cultures to explore their similarities and differences. During her research, Hirschfield found countless crossovers apparent in garments and headpieces. This compelled her to create a series in which figures represent a combined 'world culture'. The distant, the unknown and the familiar are united and create closeness through a dialogue that bespeaks a current political issue. As a trained graphic-designer, Hirschfield uses computer imaging programmes to begin the creative process, eventually rendering in oil. This preliminary process is an important foundation and can take days to weeks. It is important to the artist that her work is not seen as a being parody or playing off stereotypes of our cultures. The figures can appear mysitcal and unfamiliar, giving the viewer a sense of the uncanny or unknown, a similar sensation experienced when encountering that which is foreign to us. The works of Hirschfield have been exhibited across Europe and USA.

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Artwork by Tanja Hirschfeld