Tan Peng Hooi


Conceptual Realist Expressionist Modernist
Conceptual Realist Expressionist Modernist

Tan Peng Hooi is one of Malaysia’s established artists. He was born in 1942 and comes from Penang. He works primarily with oil but he is also known to have produced some exemplary work using charcoal. Most of his works are ‘lively’ in that, he projects the beauty of rural life that includes the likes of ducks, doves and the sea.  One of his most notable achievements as an artist includes an article written about him on the Readers’ Digest in 1981 by Robert Keiner entitled ‘The Painter who Preservers Malaysia’s Past’. Tan Peng Hooi has a strong artistic reputation as he is a self-taught artist. His works are known to have been widely influenced by John Constable and J M Williams Turner, two very renowned British artists during his time.  Peng Hooi has participated in countless group exhibitions as well as solos. Some of his works have already been inducted into the permanent collections of major art spaces like the Bank Negara, the Penang State Art Gallery, the National Art Gallery, and many others.  

Galleries Showing Tan Peng Hooi’s Work

Artwork by Tan Peng Hooi