Suzy Platt

United Kingdom

“If I had to explain my work I would say that it is whimsical but at the same time there is a melancholic reality revealed. The characters I paint always have an impish yet dark quality. And yet they are simply reflections of the fragility, joy, and fleetingness of childhood. Ultimately, I just want to create beautiful paintings”. Suzy Platt is a remarkably talented artist from New Zealand. She has been painting and Her works are predominantly portraits of haunting wide=eyed young girls caught in their inner domestic world. Her works are identifiably unique - and often people see and fall in love with so much more than just the subject matter of her paintings. Suzy is from a strong artistic family and has been a full time artist for over ten years. Currently in her mid 30's, it is remarkable to think she has many decades of painting ahead of her. Recently described as one of New zealand’s leading investment artists. In 2017 She was the feature artist to paint Kate Moss in Nick Knight’s Kate Moss retrospective exhibition, ‘Moving Kate at Show Studio - London’.

Galleries Showing Suzy Platt’s Work

Artwork by Suzy Platt