Suzchiang Tan


Abstract Conceptual Impressionist
Abstract Conceptual Impressionist

Suz Chiang graduated from the Central Academy of Art in Malaysia and taught art there after graduation. He is an avid outdoor painter and infuses some form of Abstract Expressionism in his works by allowing his moods and feelings to dictate his vibrant use of colours and strength in his execution. He is a Signature member at the American Watercolour Society and National Watercolour Society USA. Chiang has earned many internationally recognised awards and competitions in watercolour. His latest achievement is winning the First Prize of the Northwest Watercolour Society in the US. Chiang was also featured as the cover artist for the Watercolour Artist magazine as “Watercolourists of South-eastern Asia” in 2015 and 2019. His works have also been published in various media including Asia Art News and North Light Books.

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Artwork by Suzchiang Tan