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Susan Elliott



Susan Elliott lives and works in Hastings, East Sussex. She trained as a textile designer, before beginning to work as a community artist in London, painting large scale murals. Through this experience, she also learnt mosaic making, which is her preferred technique now. Susan utilises recycled kitchen crockery and tourist mementos to produce multi faceted images of pop culture, often featuring a narrative of national identity by sympathetically deconstructing British clichés.

Her works are held in private collections in London, Paris, Venice, New York, Tokyo, Toronto, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hong Kong and Miami.

Artist statement: "There is a lot going on in my work! My studio is like an archive of the nation’s mantelpieces and an affectionate collection of the kitsch and the idiosyncratic within which I think there is an inherent beauty. People will often spend a long time looking at a piece of my work, discovering familiar objects which come with their own attachments and finding new connections and meanings. I like to take the familiar and place it into a new context by association with other objects or statements".

"My work is made out of kitchen tea time crockery, kitsch tourist mementos, novelty mugs, badges, coins, the everyday stuff of domestic living. The materials I find when starting a new piece, determine the sentiment or theme, as they are clipped, glued and grouted into a richly worked, multi faceted story within an iconic image of popular culture. By using these tourist, gift mementos celebrating easy platitudes and sentiments, I aim to explore, revere and subvert the things we all believe to be a reflection of National Identity. Ultimately my work is informed by the very language it seeks to subvert and becomes a new kitsch, a new statement of National Identity.".

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