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Surbhi Modi



In my sculptures form deliberately fights function, the abstract and the figurative collide and man-made materials meet natural elements to form sculptures that ride dangerously on the precipice of practicality, challenging the notions of late 20th century designers that art must have purpose to be beautiful.

My designs are deliberate in every way, they are cumbersome, heavy, delicate, ornamental, and yet they have an unmistakable value. This value lies in the material used, rare marbles, highly polished metals and in the many hours of painstaking, precision labour which goes into the making of each unique piece.

I see my work as a guiding force revealing what constitutes value, whilst begging the question how much do we need to do create it? What good is a laborious sculpture in a world of conceptual art and ideas? Where will be the handmade sculpture end up in a world of 3--D printing and rampant mechanization?

The works I am showing are a mere entry point into a wider question of the future of art and the process of its making, and its underlying function. The answers though seem elusive and ever evolving.

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