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Surajit Biswas



Surajit Biswas (b. 1980, India) acquired his Masters from Kala Bhawan, Viswa Bhariti University, Santiniketan. He has had several shows in India and abroad. His paintings are carefully structured, as he takes a line or a little line of dots for a meandering walk on the surface of paper or canvas. But what appears to be an abstract rendering at first glance, reveals a quirky sense of the understanding of negative-positive. With the pen and pencil, the paper and canvas as his basic tools, Surajit Biswas goes on to take the line for a really really long walk.

“I have always been intrigued by the fact that in our tradition, music is played for celebrations, on auspicious occasions; but also, as a bugle is blown to signal the beginning of an attack during war or the conch shell in mythological stories,” he says. This paradoxical complicity of musical sounds that can soothe and bring peace on the one hand, and excite aggression and violence on the other, is also something that has engaged Surajit’s artistic attention.

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