Sue England

United Kingdom

Sue England is excited by the physicality of painting. Her work is in the process, the materials, the 'doing it' rather than a purely intellectual response, although her subject matter and approach is changing. Similarly, with printmaking, she finds a different discipline leads to a cross-pollination of ideas which feeds all strands of her work. At present, England has two main areas of interest. Firstly, responding to the landscape and her environment is inevitable. 'Nature' in all its aspects inspires England and particularly where things meet, the edges of things. Her landscape/seascape paintings are often heavily layered, reflecting not only what may appear on the surface, but what lies beneath. The images usually develop a narrative of their own. Walking through and being in the landscape is vital to England’s practice. Playing with scale, shape and colour are key in developing images from drawings done in situ, from photos, from found objects and from the memories of those experiences. England works on many drawings back in the studio before even attempting a finished piece and then work on several canvases at the same time. Secondly, England is pre-occupied with dementia and the ravages of old age. From observational drawings, she responds to the gradual unravelling of a mind and a life, both in drawing, paint and print.

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