Steve Miller

United Kingdom


Steve Miller is a multi-media artist, born in 1951, who makes paintings, screen-prints, artist books, and sculptures. He has been living and working between the Hamptons and New York since the 1970s. Trained by silkscreen printers who worked with Andy Warhol and inspired by artists like Robert Rauschenberg who boldly mixed imagery in his work, Miller's photographs and paintings are uniquely wrought examinations of the systems that constitute our world. He is an artist whose knowledge of visual culture allows him to create works that are both densely intellectual and aesthetically beautiful. Miller is best known for his paintings, which explore the influence of science and technology on modern culture. He says, “When art and science intersect, it changes the context, beefs up the scale, and alters responses to imagery in unexpected ways. Images of the smallest of things become images you can get lost in. Scientists may not need or necessarily want that kind of scale or distraction. They're making science; they're looking for specific solutions. I'm making art and trying to communicate with a different audience, and scale is just one of the ways I try to do that.”  

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