Stefan Gross

United Kingdom

Stefan Gross, born in Bendorf Germany, apprenticed as a practitioner of stained glass manufacture. During his apprenticeship he was surrounded by coloured glass and learned to think in color. In 1988 he became a master of the practice and also concluded it by taking up studies of painting at art school HBK Saar, Saarbrücken. After his studies which he completed cum laude, he moved to the Netherlands. Here he lives and works, always seeking to develop new painting techniques. In ca. 2006 he developed a material of his own he now predominantly uses: 'oil plastic'. It results from dyeing an industrial plastic with classic oil paints. It is surface and paint in one and enables Stefan Gross to extend the painted surface three-dimensionally. 'Oil plastic' is translucent and behaves, at a relatively low temperature, like glass. In his work, Stefan Gross depicts, in a colorful way, the fall of a society based on growth. 'The world is a serious place these days. This is a problem I address in my work.' He shows the beauty and potential of industrial production in a look back on the times in which we now live.

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Artwork by Stefan Gross