Solmaz Tohidloo

United Kingdom

Solmaz Tohidloo was born in Iran, studied painting at the Tehran University of Fine Arts and has participated in group and solo exhibitions at several galleries and museums, including the Seyhoun Art Gallery in Tehran. Solmaz decorates her paintings with quotations, which are mostly taken from ghazals (Persian odes) written by the renowned Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhi Rūmī, commonly known as Rumi. This Iranian poet from the thirteenth century is very well-known not only in Iran, but also in Greece, Turkey and the United States. In this last country, he is considered a best-selling poet. In Solmaz’s work the world of knowledge is seen as binary: human beings oscillate between the impulse to self-knowledge and the desire to forget. Each state of mind is internally consistent and unambiguous, and consequently each begins where the other ends.

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Artwork by Solmaz Tohidloo