Simon Kirk

United Kingdom

Simon Kirk is an Essex based artist, selling globally to collectors in America, Dubai, Europe, and Asia. His work has sold at the Royal Academy Summer Exhbition in 2015, 2013, and 2010. His exhibition programme is steadily expanding with exhibitions at multiple galleries and international art fairs. Simon’s work has been showcased with Art Below, on underground platforms in both London and the USA. In 2016, his work was featured again in the annual advertising takeover of Regent's Park tube station where, they showcased some of their most celebrated artists to mark their 10th anniversary. Simon is a resident artist with the Turner Barnes Gallery and his work is regularly exhibited as part of their collections for the Hong Kong, Singapore and London Affordable Art Fairs. He has had solo exhibitions in France, Denmark and the USA. His practice associates images and cut-up text that helps us view everyday life with fresh eyes. The work is primarily layers of painting combined with collaged elements. He also uses the decollage technique – cutting, tearing or sanding away parts of the built-up surface image to reveal layers below. Much of Simon's work is on a small scale format because it offers the freedom to explore a range of painting possibilities very quickly. He also combines his work with larger pieces based on the same material. In Simon's own words, “Perhaps to describe best how I see it would be to say that I play the role of set designer. I create the environment and provide the players. Elements of text where present act as set direction. The viewer becomes the director, who uses all the information before them to create the play. That the resulting story could be different for everyone is something that fascinates me.”

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