Shivinder Grewal

United Kingdom

Shivinder Grewal, 61, a fixture on the acting scene for 30 years, had just finished playing Don Pedro in The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of “Much AdoAbout Nothing” when he suffered a massive heart attack and subsequent cardiac arrest. Shiv was legally dead for seven minutes before he was resuscitated. Having endured a medically induced coma for a month due to incessant brain seizures, he was left with memories of an archetypical odyssey in the ‘underworld’. Now his recovery regime due to brain hypoxia and epilepsy, is ongoing. His first love, painting, now takes centre stage. Shiv has drawn obsessively since the age of three. His training as an architect and designer, has melded with his fascination with consciousness and narrative to try to convey the ineffable through his art. Death has left Shiv feeling he has a foot in at least two, very different worlds.

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Artwork by Shivinder Grewal