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Sean Durkin



Sean Durkin was born in North Yorkshire in 1963. His childhood was marked by an infamous event that also influenced his artistic production; his father stole a painting by Manchester artist Lowry in 1972 depicting Middlesbrough St Hilda's Church and old Town Hall from the local public art gallery.
As a eight-year-old, Sean recalls seeing the painting in his house, and being extremely fascinated by the atmosphere of the painting, which would have a profound effect on his life, and ultimately inspire him to become an artist himself.

Full of irony and narrative, Sean’s work is simultaneously playful and powerful. On a rough textured surface, his paintings tell stories, prompting the viewer to wonder about the lives of their characters. The artist also includes a burglar and a policeman in every painting as a reminder of his father’s stunt.

In a rather ironic twist of fate, his artworks now hang in the prestigious Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA) next to the exact same L.S. Lowry painting that his father stole. Sean is represented by galleries all across the UK and holds regular exhibitions in his native North East, and has been featured television, as well as numerous radio stations and newspapers.

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