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Saskia Boelsums



Saskia Boelsums was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Iran and Curaçao. She attended the art academy “Minerva” and graduated in spatial and graphic design. 

Since 2013, she has fully focused on photography and achieved great success. Saskia had many nominations and won a large number of prizes. Her artworks have been shown in galleries and art fairs in London, Berlin, New York as well as in various private art collections. 

She comments, “As a Dutch visual artist and photographer, I carry a rich culture heritage. That is why I feel a strong connection to the Dutch tradition of landscape paintings. Proud to be inspired by the old Dutch masters as Ruysdael… By exploring different landscapes in all four seasons, I feel strongly connected to the universe.” 

Saskia is a member of GKf and DuPho, Dutch Photographers, association of professional photographers and Canson Infinity Ambassador. She was recently awarded Dutch artist of the year 2020, meaning she is currently the most beloved Dutch visual artist.

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