Sarah Duncan

United Kingdom

Sarah Duncan draws inspiration from nature, landscape, and the cyclical patterns of our planet to create masterful monochrome etchings and painstaking original drawings. Her series of immersive residencies in remote and seemingly vulnerable environments such as Finland, Iceland and Arizona have had a profound impact on her practice, resulting in significant bodies of work. Seeking beauty in the realms of science, astronomy and geology, her subject matters are composed of key elements that make up the natural world – water, stars, ice and snow, however underlying this are the activities that affect the planet’s fragile equilibrium. Working in extreme environments highlights the increasing speed of change in our planet’s climate and landscapes, and whilst her practice is not working directly to transform the global scale of climate change into a human narrative, it subtly resonates within her work.    “I continue to explore moments of transition and turbulence in the landscape. I choose to show the beauty rather than the devastation, a celebration of what we stand to lose.”

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Artwork by Sarah Duncan