Sarah Barker Brown

United Kingdom


“I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves” Mary Shelley

Recently Sarah Barker Brown's work has been selected for the Society of Women Artists 2020 Exhibition Online, the final of the Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painting Prize 2020, and INGDiscerning Eye 2020. Early in 2019 she co-curated and exhibited in Hidden Worlds at Newington Gallery, London SE17. Included in Beep International Painting Exhibition 2018 in Swansea, RSMA 2018 Annual Exhibition and INGDiscerning Eye 2019 and 2018, both at the Mall Galleries, London, and Sex! Human Construction and Human Connection at The Crypt Gallery, London. Sarah from Hull, 1985, 2017 was selected for the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize 2017 exhibition at King’s Place, London. Sarah Barker Brown is a figurative painter whose focus is on the female body and within it the inner emotions as well as the exterior lives of women. Intimate moments, the depth of female friendships, the social dimensions of being a woman and celebrating sexuality, seduction and pleasure, all illuminated through a lens of nostalgia and tenderness. Her source material is photographs she has collected over many years. She distills the essence of these photos while 'the painting takes on a life of its own, and the materiality of the paint comes to the fore.' In recent works (2019-21) Barker Brown has focussed her paintings on what might have been seemingly everyday moments which have now been amplified by a global pandemic, where intimacies are missed and treasured in memory. What were once simple pleasures are now tender and intense on reflection, in a time where these experiences have been stripped away. Bodies and body parts are loaded with cultural symbolism particularly for women– public and private, positive and negative, political, economic, sexual and moral. All these works are a celebration and elevation of the female body, but also remind us of both women’s struggle for empowerment and control of their bodies, and the complexities that is associated with attempts to claim that for themselves.

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