Sandra von Haselberg

United Kingdom

Abstract Pop Art Surrealist Contemporary
Abstract Pop Art Surrealist Contemporary

Sandra von Haselberg is a London-based artist and user interface designer. She has a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Digital Media, both from Middlesex University. In her digital creations, she seeks to achieve idealised, almost immersive views of the world, using the sky and horizon to position the viewer in a peaceful vantage point. Sandra comments, “My work aims to immerse viewers in an otherworldly, yet familiar, scenery, inviting a moment for pause and reflection – perhaps counteracting the culture of distraction we are subjected to on a daily basis. My style references that of the graphic novels I grew up with – like those by Moebius and Hergé among many others – for their clarity of composition and seductively surreal quality.” Her work process always has an existing image as a starting point - usually a photograph she has taken - which then undergoes a process of abstraction. Using digital software, she creates layers of enhanced, flat, colours, and outlined shapes, to create a moment of escape to a beautiful, familiar but human-free, environment.

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