Sandra Jordan

United Kingdom

Documentary Realist Minimalist Contemporary
Documentary Realist Minimalist Contemporary

"I create images that have space to breathe – like visual meditations. I find simplicity in remote places and beauty in abandonment. I travel to escape my crowded city life and use photography to slow down and appreciate this beautiful world that surrounds me. Photography silences the chaos and offers me a sensory escape."

Sandra is an award-winning fine art photographer who creates minimalist photographic meditations that offer the viewer a sensory escape from our hectic lifestyles. She spent nearly 20 years working alongside some of the best cinematographers in the world as a production manager in the film industry. She has led photography workshops in both the UK and Morocco and worked as an Expedition Photographer sailing around the archipelago of Svalbard, half way between Norway and the North Pole. Sandra has published two books “Adfectus: An Exploration of Life and How We Fit Into the World” and U N I T showcasing work from her Hidden Beauty series. She is currently working on her next book. Photographing either the expansive landscapes of the Arctic or the claustrophobic urban environment, Sandra seeks solitude and calm within her work.The important element of space not only allows the work to breathe but enables her, as the photographer, to create a moment of reflection and stillness within her own mind. Sandra has work in private collections in the UK, the United States, Switzerland, France, Ireland,Turkey and Australia.

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