Samuel Field

United Kingdom

From snow covered alleyways between terraced houses, to fully clothed sunbathers reclining in deck chairs, Field's images are unmistakably English. Almost as if to portray the country through the nations favourite topic, the weather, lost England is full of character and charm. Photographing in the eighties, in a time of flux and change for the country, Field seems to have sought out the vestiges of a country that was being reconstructed, hardened and sold off. Feeling a sense that certain places and people may soon be consigned to the pages of history, Field was compelled to capture what he saw around him. The ordinary and the every day became the backdrop for his images that, we can see today, portrays a more innocent time. A wry smile and a nod to the traditions of documentary photography provide the backbone for these glimpses of the recent past. Yet they are not designed to be a Lewis Hine-esque campaign for social reform; with the passage of time these photographs have become a rich and valuable reference paying homage to a lost era.

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