Sam Hewitt

United Kingdom

Sam Hewitt has been a professional artist for about ten years, since graduating in Visual Art and Music. He works predominantly in oils and his most represented subjects are the human form, light and the urban environment. Sam is also part of the conceptual art collaboration ‘The Fortune Cats,’ producing internationally acclaimed art installations. In 2011, he was invited to create a three piece commission for Hiscox. In the past few years, his work has been regularly showcased at art fairs in London, New York and Singapore. He also is represented in galleries and collections internationally and around the UK. Artist's statement: "I am working at the interface between my conscious and unconscious mind. Each drops clues for the other to pick up and work. In painting this manifests as a portrayal of part of myself, in two dimensions using characters from the world around me onto whom I have projected my own unconscious motives or those of people close to me".

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Artwork by Sam Hewitt