Sal Jones

United Kingdom

Abstract Figurative Impressionist Contemporary
Abstract Figurative Impressionist Contemporary

Sal Jones focuses on our relationship with representation, particularly with regards to human expression and communication. Her emotionally charged paintings, portraying primarily fictional subjects, are an attempt to capture the action of expression out of context whilst transforming the stereotypical portrait. Using subjects that she has sourced from cinema, the media, and her own photography she creates works that explore human reaction and empathy on a personal level. Her work investigates our love of the dramatic, focusing on scenes of questioning, love, betrayal, and power-play. Along with titles originating from dialogue, they invite the viewer to share and empathise with this inner world of familiar strangers.  Sal has a BA Hons in Fine Art and a PGCE in Art & Design and is currently a freelance Artist, Museum Educator, and exam board Assessment Associate. She has over 20 years of experience working in the education sector teaching and undertaking art residencies. ​Since leaving her permanent teaching role at the end of 2012, Sal has concentrated on painting and has exhibited widely in London and the UK, in selected and solo shows. 

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