Sabeth Holland

Hong Kong

Expressionist Contemporary
Expressionist Contemporary

Sabeth Holland, born in 1959 in the Rhine Valley, is an established Swiss artists. After creating several projects on buildings, including the roundabout in Wittenbach, St. Gallen, Sabeth Holland has her first exhibition in 1991 in “Galerie vor der Klostermauer”, St. Gallen; during the time, she showed works in gouache on paper. With her continuous development in art, Sabeth now works with a multitude of medias on her paintings and sculptures, and installation works; where she kept painting the center of her art. Sabeth’s creativeness is expressed with vibrant colours and energy, her joyous personality together with the use of multitude of medias on her paintings, sculptures and installations works brings out the positive sensations and emotions among people. Her signature and unique works, full of vibrant colours, combined with her many talents and skills have led to her international success.  Holland's works are highly appreciated internationally by museums, private and corporate collectors.

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