Roy's People

United Kingdom

Roy’s People is an urban artist who combines miniature figures with elements of photography and the streets, to create completely unique works of art. His style of working allows him to create situations in a miniature world that can reflect on our surroundings, feelings, and emotions and each hand-crafted figure is carefully adapted from its original form. Roy’s People has created work for The Big Issue, Sea World, Time Out and The Royal Mint. He finds inspiration from the contemporary art scene and recently headed to the streets of London to photograph and capture his work permanently.  Roy understands that it’s the little things in life that count. His street-art-meets-photography aesthetic has captivated the contemporary art world with its fantastical use of hand-painted miniature figures: working little figurines into the classic square frame, the conventional print or canvas suddenly takes on a life of its own, creating three-dimensional, plastic snapshots.

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Artwork by Roy's People