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Rowdy has been an integral part of the Bristol graffiti scene since 1987 and his famous crocs can be found peeking between buildings, chasing cyclists along towpaths and manning CCTV cameras throughout the city.

In recent years, the city which has long been Rowdy’s canvas has become the focus of a smaller scale, fully abstracted style. Never abandoning his spray can, he weaves patterns of colour with the most delicate of marks to produce abstracted visions of twinkling nightscapes, foggy street scenes and futuristic metropolises. “My work appears in the traditional gallery sphere as well as in many outdoor spaces throughout the UK and beyond. What started out as vandalism in the 80s has now reached a main stream status. It used to be a scene run by us for us. The City is not only my canvas, it also provides the necessary visual stimuli that appear in many of my interior works.”

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