Rosie Emerson

United Kingdom


Born in Dorset, on the Southern coast of England in 1981, Rosie Emerson is best known for her elongated depictions of women. Since graduating in Fine Art from Kingston University In 2004, she has dedicated her practice to exploring the beauty, power, and voyeurism within the subject of the female image. Emerson’s figures draw reference from archetype’s old and new, from Artemis to the modern day supermodel. Depicted as solitary performers, the women are objects of desire trapped in enigmatic images of both irresistibility and impotence. Her latest works are made using natural materials, such as ash, sawdust, and charcoal, shifting the focus of printmaking from precision and replication to creating unique, hand-finished prints with subtle texture. The Shrine Series is a collaboration with photographer Becky Palmer, staging models in theatrical costumes and ornate head- shrines, utilizing pearls, seashells, antique lace and taxidermy to create sets dripping in decoration. Emerson has exhibited widely in the UK, as well as in Europe, Israel, and the US. The world of fashion comes naturally for Emerson, last year collaborating with jewellery designer Annoushka Ducas, and producing 9 life-size portraits shown at her flagship boutique for London Fashion Week. Also in Autumn 2012, Emerson’s artwork was showcased in a solo exhibition at London’s famous Harvey Nichols. Emerson has worked with many brands in helping to mould their creative image, including Sony, Triumph Underwear, Redbull, P&O Cruises, and Toms. Her unique photographic style has led to publications in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, The Financial Times, and Sunday Times Style Magazine (London). This year she is creating work with choreographer Daniel Paul Jones and dancers from The English National Ballet that will be showcased at the Ashanti Ballet Gala at Royal School of Music. Rosie Emerson lives and works in London.

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