Ron Piller

United Kingdom

Ron Piller creates abstract acrylic-on-panel paintings, filled with stripes, squares, and "colour spokes". He is inspired by his travels to places like India, Vietnam, and Cuba and the endless permutations of colour and geometric forms. Artist's statement: "Color and geometric order/disorder are my constant concerns in the studio. Beginning each painting I seek to create a subtle but visually engaging ground which serves as a foil to the next layers of geometric shapes, all contained within or challenging the penciled grid. Balancing the shapes and colours of pieces fascinates me daily. Often I will place a strong colour or shape anywhere on the piece, knowing that the challenge to engage it successfully is so satisfying. I finish my work with gloss medium varnish, as it provides a window into the work and also reflects the life and light in the space in which it hangs. I also work with beeswax encaustic and love how the pieces look when finished (and I really enjoy the enchanting odour of the melting wax)!".

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