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Rod McIntosh



As a mark maker, Rod McIntosh lies within a tradition of drawing and recording his experience of the world, his travels, relationships and sense of self.

McIntosh’s process and methods developed as rules that slowly became a habit or creative ritual. His desire to maintain a strong integrity within his work directed him to learn the recipes for gesso where he found the physical, tactile, step-by-step method reassuring – it was a nod to his “maker” roots as he felt he could truly construct his works. Continued research into the history of mark-making pointed to an honesty that he chose to draw with. The pigments became purer: Indian or Chinese ink (that he often grinds himself), graphite, charcoal dust, mixed with a binder of either water, oil, egg or rice paste starch.

He says; “I wanted as much control of the provenance of the materials as I could get.” The ‘enso’, zen circle is a recurrent motif from his studio activities. The pursuit of a perfect circle in a single brush stroke is a meditative practice amongst his arriving at his studio rituals. The final mark on rice paper or gesso is a unique moment of action.


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