Robert Dixon-Taylor

United Kingdom

Robert Dixon-Taylor explores abstraction through the use of colour and shape, taking viewers on a journey through the compulsiveness of his experiences. As an artist there is a compulsion to keep working, creating and producing. This is reflected in Robert’s vivid and brightly textured abstracts. The organic process of cause and effect as well as mark making, reveals that it is an on-going process of experimentation throughout his practice. Robert’s struggle with addiction over the last 10 years are touched upon in his works and have once greatly affected his ability to paint. Having gone through a challenging period of anxiety and depression, Robert has revisited works from this period with a renewed enthusiasm post recovery reaffirming the compulsion had never gone, instead blanketed by his own demons and struggles. “For an artist it is compulsory to be an artist, that’s what you are.”

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Artwork by Robert Dixon-Taylor