Rikki Kasso

United States


Artist Rikki Kasso is currently based in the United States' West Coast. The self-taught art director, photographer and multi-disciplinary visual artist left his native New York City for Tokyo in 2003 on an invite from VOGUE JAPAN to host a retrospective of his works at the Rocket Gallery, Omotesando. He then spend the next nine years in Shibuya, Tokyo, immersed in the unique and ancient Japanese culture which not only influenced his art making practices but permeated its way through his entire being. Kasso’s artistic virtuosity is effortlessly translated through a variety of media and expressions from photography and film to paintings, drawings, and installations. His remarkable vision is presented through juxtaposed images of feminine sexuality, timeless landscapes and heavenly realities. “My works represent my fascination with isolation in crowded environments, the subtleties of sexuality in humans and nature, and the pure sincerity of voyeuristic love. For me art is isolation, when we take something from its natural environment and put it on display, whether it’s a canvas from the studio or a flower from the field we define beauty in its isolation. At the same time isolation is an emotion or a feeling. Contemplating love is perceived as an isolating moment of blissful confusion.”

Galleries Showing Rikki Kasso’s Work

Artwork by Rikki Kasso