Ricky Hunt

United States

Minimalist Abstract (geometric) Contemporary Typographic
Minimalist Abstract (geometric) Contemporary Typographic

Ricky Hunt is a self-taught artist who taught himself to draw in the mid 1990s. His discovery of his artistic talent was part of a personal transformation following a period of drug addiction and subsequent incarceration in the 1980s. Much of Ricky Hunt’s work is influenced by Egyptian hieroglyphics, graffiti and his tumultuous past. Hunt's early figuartive style was grounded in traditional drawing skills. Tiger Woods’ father Earl commissioned a pastel portrait which he described as "The best portrait of Tiger ever painted". From this foundation, Hunt's work transformed into his current style. His mixed media minimalist works reflect how he brought order into the disorder of his earlier existence. He covers the wood panel with layers of acrylic paint, removing some layers in the process to reveal the underlying evolution of color. This layering is seen to evoke the many layers of his life. The top layer is covered with shiny resin, adding a smooth reflective finish to the intriguing depth of his surfaces. The harmony of the overall composition results in a cohesive visual statement. He signs his works on the back of the artwork so they can be installed horizontally as well as vertically. Hunt's success started with his first sold-out exhibition in Los Angeles in 2016 which led to an international collector base and exhibitions worldwide.

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