Richard Perry

United Kingdom

Graduating from a Fine Art degree at Leeds Polytechnic in 1981, Richard Perry is a Midlands based artist using geometric language to explore notions of weight and balance through sculpture. Harnessing both intuitive judgement and premeditated design, Richard’s practice juxtaposes organic freeform and measured geometric sculpture to create illusory forms that strive to break free from an underlying rationale. Working with materials including limestone, granite, marble, and alabaster, Richard employs various carving techniques to create compelling sculptural objects made up of flat geometric planes that honour the natural texture of his materials. Rather than create initial maquettes, Richard undertakes a daily process of automatic drawing with which he builds up his visual vocabulary, and this language seeps into his sculptural forms via osmosis. He describes his practice as a constantly evolving experimental process. “I am carefully attuned to the material and its potential, constantly seeking new possibilities in the process of transforming stone into arresting sculptural forms. I am drawn to instances where similar transformational processes happen in nature, or at the juncture of the natural world and our effects on it”

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