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Richard Konecky



Richard Konecky is a photographer born in New York and currently living in San Francisco. He enjoys the world of travel and discovery in all its aspects.  His work includes informal and environmental portraiture, landscape, macro, abstract and aerial photography. 

Konecky had taken his first aerial photographs during an earlier project in Iceland and was struck by the changed perspective and geometry of the landscape seen from the air. Though he had never been to Africa, when the opportunity came along to spend a week doing aerial photography by helicopter in Kenya, he jumped in wholeheartedly. He travelled to the remote parts of Northern Kenya, in 2018. From the vantage point of a helicopter, his aim was to focus on diverse and remote, largely inaccessible landscapes. Desert savannahs, sand dunes, volcanic fields, lakes, and alpine vistas - from sea level to Mount Kenya at 15,500' elevation, from the amazing Rift valley to the meandering rivers and dry riverbeds in the Chalbi desert to the enormous Lake Turkana.

For Richard Konecky, the actual landscape marks the beginning of a creative journey. In the words of Paul Klee, ‘the intention is not to reflect the visible, but to make visible.’ What is made visible through the lens of Konecky's camera can be an abstract image distilling the landscape that presents itself down to very basic characteristic shapes and lines.


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